Healthy food

At childcare centre ‘t Knuffeltje in Delft we find it important that children eat well and healthy. As soon as your child can eat and drink other things than milk, we go together on adventure. The nursery and Afterschool care ‘t Knuffeltje has described a comprehensive nutrition policy to contribute positively to the development of children. This nutrition policy is based on the Five Food Groups guidelines. By varying with food, children learn to know different tastes and are increasingly accepting food. We are very alert to the amounts of salt and sugar, which many products still contain too much of. In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, we regularly offer self-made hummus, cottage cheese or make different types of spread ourselves. And if we have something to celebrate, we like to make our own yoghurt ice cream. We will gladly take your child on a healthy food journey.

Allergies and individual appointments
Is your child allergic to something? Naturally, we take this into account. There is also room for individual arrangements when it is necessary to deviate from the nutrition policy, for example with a diet or belief.

Fixed eating moments and rituals
We eat always together at the table and at fixed eating times. This gives the children a recognizable rhythm and predictability. The eating moments in the morning, at midday and in the afternoon are enjoyable and provide structure in the day. It is important that the dining moment can take place in a pleasant atmosphere. Our pedagogical workers eat always with the children, accompany them at the meal and have an example function.
We also teach the children that food is accompanied by rituals. For example, washing hands before eating, setting the table and cleaning off again, saying “thank you” and help each other.

Photos of our meals

Treatments and parties
A birthday means a party and on such a occasion is often a treat. Both a non-edible treat and an edible treat can be offered. We think it is important that the edible treats are as healthy as possible. We ask parents to keep treats as small as possible and not to be too calorie-rich.
All treats are generally given to the children to take home so that parents can decide whether they want to offer it to the child. On special occasions we offer children extra’s for example a biscuit or small amount of popcorn.

Parents can consult the guidelines (Referral Guidelines) from the Nutrition Center. For treat ideas, we recommend the treats on the website, or the website