Quality in every aspect is very important to us

We pursue high standards as part of our working methods. Our most important priority is to attend to the needs of every child. We see safety and emotional security as the basis to take your child to the next step in his or her development. We help your child discover, play together, become independent and develop it’s talents. With respect and appreciation for every child, we strive for your child to develop a positive self-image, with which a good basis is created for the next step, which is the primary school. We also have very clear agreements with parents on how we deal with food, hygiene, safety, illness or medication.

How does’ t Knuffeltje guarantee this high quality of care ?:

Very high standard

– Pedagogical policy
– Trained team
– Healthy food
– Separate baby and toddler groups
– Music lessons by recognized music teacher
– Toddler-gym and outdoor activities
– A private playground
– Pedgogical projects and activities
– Flexible contracts

Dutch law and other legal requirements

Childcare and after school care ‘t Knuffeltje meets all legal requirements for childcare.
How the legal framework for childcare is formulated can be read in the following three schemes:

  1. The Childcare Act: https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/onderwerpen/kinderopvang
  2. The Decree on quality childcare and playgroups: http://wetten.overheid.nl/BWBR003;1621/2014-03-12
  3. The quality of childcare and playgroups regulation: http://wetten.overheid.nl/BWBR0031613/2014-01-01

Verification on quality: Inspection by GGD

On behalf of the city Delft, the GGD checks the quality of the childcare at both the day care center and the After school care ‘t Knuffeltje at least once a year. The findings are described the GGD in the inspection reports. The inspection reports are always discussed with the Parents Committee of ’t Knuffeltje and are published on the website.









Report code

The team of ‘t Knuffeltje has been trained to be alert to signals from child abuse. We work according to the reporting (according to Dutch legislation) code that helps to take necessary steps if there is a suspicion of domestic violence or child abuse.

Parent committee

Childcare and After school care center ‘t Knuffeltje has a parents committee, with which the right of advice is arranged on behalf of the parents. The parent committee advises on activities such as ’t Knuffeltje’s policy’s.
If you are interested in becoming a member of our parent committee, you can indicate this to the management.

Complaints procedure

We strive for the best quality of childcare and we hope that your child and you are more than satisfied with our care. We see your suggestions, feedback and even complaints as an opportunity to realize even better care. If you are still dissatisfied or have a complaint, you can use our internal complaints procedure. We take every effort to find a suitable solution. In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with the internal complaints handling, you can contact the Klachtenloket Kinderopvang. They can refer you to the Disputes Committee for Childcare when necessary.

If there is a difference of opinion between the parents committee and ‘t Knuffeltje, the parents committee can use the internal complaints procedure or contact the Childcare Disputes Committee via the Complaints Desk for Childcare.


1. The Disputes Committee for Childcare: https://www.degeschillencommissie.nl/consumenten/
2. The Childcare Complaints Desk: https://www.klachtenloket-kinderopvang.nl/ouders/