Kinderdagverblijf en BSO ’t Knuffeltje is al meer dan 20 jaar een begrip in Delft.

Day-care and after school care ‘t Knuffeltje has been an established concept in Delft for more than 20 years.

With an inspiring vision, an educational approach and a close group of permanent leaders, who work for many years at Day-care ‘t Knuffeltje in Delft, we provide quality care with passion for children every day for children from zero to 13 years.

Our team is happy to introduce themselves:

Meet our Team:



Director / Educational Coach

As a graduate educator and mother of two little children, I enthusiastically started a nursery 20 years ago. First alone and later with a team of dedicated leaders I have been expressing our pedagogical ideas and mission every day. I’m very proud of it. During my studies, I have been inspired by a number of educational ideas from well-known pedagogues and developmental psychologists. These ideas are now also underpinned by the pedagogical policy of ‘t Knuffeltje in Delft. We take the task of contributing to the upbringing of children very seriously. And we would like it any other way. We cannot wait to meet you and your baby.



Pedagogical employee / Coach

With my educational background, I often work on the projects and themes of childcare ‘t Knuffeltje. It’s a lot of fun to look at a topic like autumn, winter or counting together with the kids in a lot of different ways. Create a new challenge every day for my 3+ group has been my personal goal for years. I stimulate the children to explore, discover and learn just a little bit more during each activity. I definitely do this in a playful and casual way making sure the children are enjoying themselves. Will your child learn with us?



Pedagogical employee

I really enjoy working with babies. At this age they are dependent on us and they enjoy our presence.  I find playing with the babies and caring for them very rewording. In the other groups it is very nice to see how the children grow every time a bit bigger and wiser.



Pedagogical employee

For many years I have taken care of the youngest children at the kindergarten ‘t Knuffeltje in Delft. It’s so nice to see how a little baby, who joins the group, is getting bigger and more independent. I believe that you just have to give such a little baby a lot of love. Because I am a warm and patient person, I am very pleased to share this with my babies. I give them a warm feeling. They must first feel safe and familiar with me to develop further. I will also warmly welcome your baby to my baby group.

Zohreh foto2


Pedagogical employee

My goal as a leader in ‘t Knuffeltje is to guide, advise and support the children and parents. I really enjoy working with children and I want to be of significance in their development. I provide structure and attention and work with the children to make the most of their time with us. In addition, I pay attention to how the children feel and I let them see their own amount by discussing this and grow in this way. I keep an eye on the growth of the children in my group by using fun and educational sports and games activities in ‘t Knuffeltje.

Ceylan foto


Pedagogical employee

I really enjoy the development of the children in my presence and the people around them. This way you experience the first steps, words, friends and discussions of children. Children have a very big imagination. They can talk about the most funny and unrealistic things all day long, which will put a smile on your face. I get to know the children better every day. They ask you for help, but also come to you for a big hug. The enthusiasm of the children and the bond you get with them gives me a very satisfied feeling. No day in childcare is the same!

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Pedagogical employee

I love watching children grow and develop in their own way and I enjoy helping them every step of their journey. Singing songs, doing crafts, dancing, reading a book and playing outside. I really enjoy making it a fun day every time and I am determined to give the best guidance and care to the children I guide every day.

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Pedagogical employee

My work is not work and being able to help children develop is an honor. As a pedagogical employee, you help the parents with the education and care of their greatest asset. I do this with great pleasure and love. I think the interaction between child and pedagogical employee is the most beautiful thing and being able to quickly assist in the different needs of the children and thus give the children a nice and safe feeling. All children are unique and all have their own needs. My job is to provide them with this pedagogically sound.