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Childcare and After School Care Centre ‘t Knuffeltje in Delft has a pronounced pedagogical vision on the upbringing of children. This vision has been expressed in the pedagogical policy of ‘t Knuffeltje, which is inspired by ideas of important pedagogues and development psychologists.

We focus on playful learning. We provide a safe, stable and trusted environment where every child can be himself and where personal attention is given to each child. We combine this with activities that stimulate the imagination en development of children. Personal attention and inspiration change in a natural way. For example, the children increase their skills and learn them playfully, from and with each other. Through playing and interacting, outdoor games, the projects and the music lessons we reinforce this concept.

Are you interested in reading our Pedagogical policy plan please contact us at info@knuffeltje.net.

Emotional Safety (Marianne Riksen-Walraven)
Most important in our pedagogical mission we find providing emotional safety to all children. As early as the baby group, our experienced teachers ensure that the child is feeling welcome. We understand that emotional safety is the foundation for healthy growth and development of a child. Through warm, loving and supportive guidance with all the attention of the child’s signals we make the children feel accepted, understood and safe. In addition we put our efforts into   ensuring the child’s personal and social development and make the child acquainted with general standards and values.
FotoEvery child is unique and we respect that: (Janusz Korczak)
We understand that the upbringing of children is about doing it together.
Children are different and develop at their own pace. At childcare centre ’t Knuffeltje we create a climate in which children get the space to be themselves. We see children from day one as partners. That requires faith and trust in children and an open eye, ear and heart for what keeps them busy.
Respect and love for babies (Emmi Pickler)
Based on this beautiful thought from Emmi Pickler, ‘t Knuffeltje has arranged a separate space for the babies, where the infants get all the attention they need in peace and safety of their own group. By interacting with babies in a loving and respectful way during the daily care, they get the attention needed to grow spiritually and physically.
FotoLearning and developing (Lev Vygotsky)
Learning while playing! The motto of Childcare Centre ‘t Knuffeltje. Children are motivated by themselves to learn new things. Educational staff at Knuffeltje continuously looks for what motivates children and guide them in their urge to develop. How do we do this? We encourage the children with the right questions, examples and explanations to tempt them to learn something new. We believe that the child can achieve a lot on its own, but we are convinced that with our help and support, it accomplishes even more.
Open doors at set times (Reggio Emilia)
“Interacting with other children is important. While  playing with each other, they learn about themselves and about others.” This inspiring thought from the vision of Reggio Emilia has been adapted by Knuffeltje introducing open door policy at set times. At certain times during a day the children are free tot visit other rooms and mingle with younger or older children en get acquainted with other pedagogical workers.