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Children must be able to walk through the path to adulthood with attention to common norms and values. Play, safeguard, structure and function in a group are the most important aspects that you can offer to a child as an educator in a daycare.

Playing is very important for the development of children. It contributes to the development of their body, their minds, their language, how to behave, shape their feelings, imagination, their ability and express themselves.

An environment in which the child feels safe is of great importance. The child must feel at home. Respect shows that each child’s own character contributes to that security.

The structure
Children need structure. We try to meet that need by handling a fixed day and week rhythm. A firm rhythm of rest and activity gives children security, security and recognition. In addition, there are many annual recurring activities related to, for example, the season, nature, father’s and mother’s day, grandparents, international children’s day, Easter, Sinterklaas, Christmas, birthdays of the children etc.

The group
Being part of a group has a lot of significance for children. Later, they will be happy to reconsider.