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Quality in every aspect is very important to us We pursue high standards as part [...]

General information

General information Origin Kindergarten 't Knuffeltje was founded  in August 1997 by Pedagogist d. Drabarek [...]

Pedagogic Policy

Our motto is "Learning while playing" Childcare and After School Care Centre 't Knuffeltje in [...]

Frequently Asked Questions

Does day-care centre 't Knuffeltje has its own baby group?At kindergarten ‘t Knuffeltje in Delft, [...]

Motoric development and Toddler Gym

Motoric development and Toddler Gym Good motoric control lets the children explore the world and [...]

Play and learn

Play and learn Playing means learning. We provide babies and toddlers with what they need: [...]

Healthy food

Healthy food At childcare centre ‘t Knuffeltje in Delft we find it important that children [...]

Flexible customized contract, pay what you use

Flexible customized contract, pay what you use The quality of care is of course the [...]

Separate baby group

Separate baby group A safe environment, rich with opportunities for your baby to explore, learn [...]

Private large playground

At the nursery ‘t Knuffeltje Delft we have a very nice, large outdoor playground. In [...]

Music lessons from a recognized music teacher

Music lessons from a recognized music teacher Music lessons from a recognized music teacherWhen does [...]

Excellent location

Excellent location Close to the center of Delft, well accessible from the main roads and [...]

After School Care

After School Care Perfectly located  Our after school care centre (BSO) ‘t Knuffeltje is located [...]

Childcare in Delft ‘t Kunffeltje

Are you looking for a good, cosy and a high quality nursery or a after [...]

About ‘t Knuffeltje

About 't Knuffeltje Day care and after school care 't Knuffeltje has been an established [...]

Permanent staff

Kinderdagverblijf en BSO ’t Knuffeltje is al meer dan 20 jaar een begrip in Delft. [...]

Expecting a baby

Expecting a baby Childcare for your baby Are you expecting a baby? What a wonderful [...]

Horizontal groups

Horizontal groups Childcare centre 't Knuffeltje has good experiences in accommodating children of approximately the [...]