Horizontal groups

Childcare centre ‘t Knuffeltje has good experiences in accommodating children of approximately the same age in horizontal groups. That way It is possible that the babies have a separate group where they can freely move and explore. Toddlers can play with their peers while sharing each other’s interests and learning interact with each other.The rooms are spacious and divided in a number of interest areas. Children are free to choose how, with whom and in which corner they like to play.

Highly trained staff monitors the development of the child and helps, supports and mediates where necessary. Every child at childcare ‘t Knuffeltje in Delft has a personal pedagogical coach who helps the child feel confident and encourages its self-reliance.

Based on the vision of the Reggio Emilia, we also have an open-door policy at set times in addition to the horizontal layout. At those times children can visit other groups en explore new possibilities beyond their own trusted group and meet other children and teachers.

Benefits of horizontal structure

  • Babies have their own group where they can freely move and discover.
  • Children have peers to play with.
  • There are often fewer children in a group than in a vertical group.
  • Educational staff have specific knowledge of the development of children in a certain age category.
  • There are more age-oriented activities and materials.
  • There is less chance of physical and mental overweight of older children.