General information

Kindergarten ‘t Knuffeltje was founded  in August 1997 by Pedagogist d. Drabarek on the Mozartlaan in Delft. In May 2003 ‘t Knuffeltje expanded with a new location on the Hendrick de Keyserweg. This establishment consists of nursery and after-school care.

Different spaces and groups
The nursery is located on the ground floor and has an area of 300 m2, which consists of a very spacious central hall, three playing areas, each with a bedroom, laundry and changing space, custom WC’s and a kitchenette. The accommodation is spacious, bright and comfortable.
The space for the After school care is located on the first floor above the day care center and has an area of 125 m2. The space consists of an entrance hall with wardrobe, kitchenette, three toilets, a large living and playing room and a staff room. A shielded outdoor playground is also part of our location.
The name ‘t Knuffeltje is derived from the teddy bear. The different groups have bears names. Characteristic of the groups are also the colors. Each group also has its own arts and crafts tree in the hallway.
The first group is called Boris and is for children from 0 to 1 years. This group is decorated with light blue tones. The tree for this group is the four seasons tree.

The second group is called Winnie the Pooh and it is for children from 1 to 2 years. The color of Winnie the Pooh is apple green. These children have a honey tree in the hallway.
The third group is called Baloo and is for children from 2 to 4 years. The color red has here the overtone. The palm tree with coconuts in the hallway seems to have come straight out of the jungle. The after school care group is called Pimboli and is for children from 4 to 12 years.

Regarding to the hygiene in the day care center, the employees of ‘t Knuffeltje are  held to strict regulations, which are made known to them through internal rules. The Executive Board also looks closely to ensure that those rules are followed.
The spaces where the children stay are clean.
Anyone who comes from outside (parents, employees, other visitors) before entering the spaces, need to put on shoe protectors or slippers. These slippers are abundantly available and in various sizes present in the Central Hall.
Before and after eating children are supposed to wash their hands. The personal hygiene rules are carefully observed.

All children are insured  by ‘t Knuffeltje against accidents and damage to third parties inside and outside the building.
For loss of or damage to clothing or jewelry, we cannot be held liable.

The minimum notice period is 1 month and must be in writing.
The termination can take place per every 1st of the month.