Are you looking for a good, cosy and a high quality nursery or a after school care centre in Delft? Get acquainted with childcare centre ’t Knuffeltje.

The name ‘t Knuffeltje has different meanings in Dutch. It means little hug, and brings forward the love and attention we would like to give to the kids. The word Knuffel is also used for that special doll, teddy bear or even a simple cloth our little ones carry around in their first years. The Knuffel is their first friend and gives our little ones confidence when exploring new situations and comfort when their tired or feeling a little sad. We would like to be that place for your kids where they can meet the new with confidence or bring them comfort when they need it.

More than 20 years experience 
Day-care centre and after school care ‘t Knuffeltje has been an established concept in Delft for more than 20 years. With an inspiring vision of educational approach and a very experienced and established team of carefully selected childcare professionals who are highly experienced and genuinely dedicated to their profession we provide quality care for children from zero until 13 years every day.

Good location and excellent reputatation
The strategic location close to the city centre with excellent road access combined with excellent reputation makes kindergarten ‘t Knuffeltje a perfect location for many parents. Our families trust us to care for their most treasured possessions and our culture sets us apart from the crowd.

Every day outside!
Due to the fantastic location close to the park and the children farm, we are able to spend a lot of time outside. We often go for a walk in the forest, enjoy a picnic in the park or pay a visit to the children farm. Even the youngest members of ‘t Knuffeltje participate in go with us frequently. We love to watch the rabbits, birds and horses.

Special care for baby’s
Childcare Centre ‘t Knuffeltje in Delft has a separate group for the babies, where the youngest ones receive all the attention they need and deserve. We have a very experienced and established team of carefully selected childcare professionals who are highly experienced and genuinely dedicated to their profession.
It requires a number of core qualities to be a good baby worker, such as patience, loving character, maternal instinct and organizational ability. We think it’s very important that our babies feel safe and secure with us. Your baby will find here a peaceful environment of their own space and each day a familiar face of their own baby teacher.

Private large playground
At the nursery ‘t Knuffeltje Delft we have a very nice outdoor playground. In the middle of Delft, but hidden in the green, the children can enjoy the outdoors. They can play on our approved play equipment or use the outdoor toys. Come and play with us too.

Our nursery has a pronounced pedagogical vision. The projects we provide at day-care ’t Knuffeltje are distinctive and include a lot of different activities, which are aimed at stimulating different development areas of a child. Not a day goes by without complying with our pedagogical vision. The activities are surprising, inspiring and challenging. We like to see how children let their imagination run free and we make sure there is enough room for it. With all the attention for the development of your child, childcare ‘t Knuffeltje is a reliable partner in the upbringing of your child.

Music, todler-gym, and much more
In addition to daily activities such as gym sessions and dance workshops we offer every week music lessons by a recognized music teacher. Music is part of the pedagogical vision of childcare ‘t Knuffeltje, where all activities are supported by a song, a dance or a classical music pieces. Once a year, the team prepares a major musical event together with all the children.  That way we hope to encourages all the children to take a next step. We cannot wait to sing a song with your child.

Peers play together 
We have good experiences with bringing children of comparable age together. The toddlers play with their peers in the horizontally arranged groups. The spaces are large and classified in a number of interest areas. Children can play together but there is also enough room for getting playing individually. Highly trained staff monitors the development of the child and helps, supports and mediates where necessary. Every child at kindergarten ‘t Knuffeltje in Delft has a personal pedagogical coach so the child gets all the support it needs.

All children from 0 to 13 are welcome!
There is room for children of all ages at day-care and afterschool centre ‘t Knuffeltje in Delft. The children from 0 to 13 years are welcome to join our groups. The groups and spacious and cosy. Each group has a steady teacher so the children feel safe and familiar at ‘T Knuffeltje.

After schol care 
Is your child over 4 years old? We also have an After school care centre.  (LINK After School Care).

Our team cannot wait to meet your child.