After School Care

Perfectly located 
Our after school care centre (BSO) ‘t Knuffeltje is located near several primary schools in Delft, in the same building as the nursery ‘t Knuffeltje in Delft.
This is an advantage for parents who have both small and school attending children as the children can often play together and the parents can retrieve their children after working hours on the same location.
In addition, the location is very convenient if you work in the centre of Delft or you have to travel further.

What does an afternoon look like at the After School Care Centre?

Healthy snack after school:
After school time, we sit down together at the table and while enjoying a healthy snack we chat about our day at school.
Children are being encouraged to interact with each other in a respectful and social way. Sometimes we hold a children’s meeting so that the children can decide on all kinds of things within the BSO ‘t Knuffeltje. Regular meetings will be held on the holiday program, toys and the type of food.

Time for activities or playing outside:
The children may choose which activity they want to participate in. There is an art studio for the creative castings, a cosy girl corner with doll houses, a specially designed corner for boys with Kapla, K’nex, and Lego. A cosy living room table with comfortable chairs invites you to play a social game with a small group or simply read a book alone. We often decide to spend the whole afternoon outside.

After school care ’t Knuffeltje works together with the sport- and taekwondo school Tim Kool across the road from us. Our children can participate in the special taekwondo based program for children at the reduced rate.

Playing outside and free time activities:
Due to the fantastic location close to the park and the children farm, we are able to spend a lot of time outside after a busy day at school. To provide relaxation and enough movement we often go for a walk in the forest, enjoy a picnic in the park or pay a visit to the children farm.
The spacious room where children meet after school is attractively and cozy decorated with attention for various interests and hobbies. We like the children to feel at ease and be able to relax when they come to us after school. We offer a wide range of activities the children can choose from.
Due to the small scale of our after school care centre it is possible to create an open and homely atmosphere of peace, relaxation and challenge. There is always enough room for personal attention of the teacher and building of personal ties.

Own playground 
‘t Knuffeltje in Delft has a very nice and spacious outdoor playground. In the middle of Delft, but hidden in the green, the children can enjoy the outdoors. Children can play on the approved playground devices or use the outdoor toys. Sometimes we go play football and climb in the playground nearby or visit the children’s farm and Delftse Hout which is situated  basically around the corner.

Special Holiday activities 
During the school holidays ‘t Knuffeltje offers a comprehensive activity program for children which includes a lot of educational tours such as museums, shows and theatre, science centre, parks and playgrounds.

Opening hours

  • During the school weeks: end of school until 18:00 o’clock
  • During the school holidays: 08:30 until 18:00 o’clock
  • Open all year except 1 week between Christmas and New Year and National Holidays
  • Extra day or exchange possible
  • Longer opening hours possible

End of the day: children may be picked up by parents
From 17:00 ’o clock  the children can be picked up by parents. Is it necessary to pick up your child a little earlier please let us know in advance. Our daily program usually takes place until 17:00 ’o clock.

We pick up your child from school
During the school weeks we pick up the children from schools.
We will pick up your child at school by bus, bike, car or walking. This service does not involve any additional costs for the parents.
We pick up children from at least the following schools:
DSV, Jan Vermeer, Bernadette Maria, Max Havelaar, Gabrielschool, all schools in Delfgauw.
If your child is in another school, please contact us and we will see what is possible.
Please contact us or ask for a tour. Is your child under 4 years old? We also have day-care. (LINK DAYCARE)