About 't Knuffeltje

Day care and after school care ‘t Knuffeltje has been an established concept in Delft for more than 20 years. With an inspiring vision of educational approach and a very experienced and established team of carefully selected childcare professionals who are highly experienced and genuinely dedicated to their profession we provide quality care for children from zero until 13 years every day.
It is all about the qualities of the individual leaders and the team they form combined with the pedagogical vision they pursue. The team of ‘t Knuffeltje is highly experienced and has been working together for years to be there every day again for the children. The highly trained team with their experience and educational background is able to stimulate the children to play, learn and learn to play under our motto: learning by playing.

Our classrooms


We have very good experiences with bringing together children of approximately the same age. Especially for the youngest ones, it is important that they can take their first steps in a peaceful and safe environment.  In order to stimulate the children in their development, we organize many additional activities such as toddler gymnastics sessions, dance workshops and music lessons.
We also work together with the Sport and Taekwondo School situated just around the corner, which provides a special program for young children to make them more confident and self-conscious.
During our work with children we like to address specific issues and projects to develop their talents and enlarge their abilities. In continuation of this we undertake many different activities every day, such as crafting, reading, dancing and exploring the outdoors. The most attention gets definitely our project of the year: the performance during the big summer party we organize together with the children each year.
The toddles group gets special attention when it comes to emerging literacy and numeracy so that our 4 year olds can be well prepared for primary school.

Kinderdagverblijf ‘t Knuffeltje is very centrally located, close to the main roads and close to the center of Delft.
Our team likes to meet you and your child, make an appointment and come on for a tour. (link appointment).


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