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Loving care like at home

Expecting a baby?

Are you expecting a baby? What a wonderful time, but there is also a lot to arrange. If the little one is there, everything is a bit hectic. That’s why it’s good to have everything well in place beforehand and especially the childcare that suits you and your child.


Horizontal groups

Childcare centre ‘t Knuffeltje has good experiences in accommodating children of approximately the same age in horizontal groups. That way It is possible that the babies have a separate group where they can freely move and explore. Toddlers can play with their peers while sharing each other’s interests and learning interact with each other. The rooms are spacious and divided in a number of interest areas. Children are free to choose how, with whom and in which corner they like to play


Play & Learn

Playing means learning. We provide babies and toddlers with what they need: a safe world, rich with opportunities to actively explore, with books, songs, and a lot of listening and responding to their vocalisations and words. Learning to play with other children but also learning how to play a game, how to excite yourself or try something new.


Who we are

Day care and after school care ‘t Knuffeltje has been an established concept in Delft for more than 20 years. With an inspiring vision of educational approach and a very experienced and established team of carefully selected childcare professionals who are highly experienced and genuinely dedicated to their profession we provide quality care for children from zero until 13 years every day.


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